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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Regulation D, also known as Reg D, provides a list of exemptions to the Securities Act’s registration requirements that new companies frequently rely on for issuing securities to investors. Included in Regulation D are two exceptions to the general requirement securities registration, known as 506(b) and 506(c). Syndicators can raise money from investors without needing to register the securities with the SEC if they meet the following Reg D requirements:

  1. An accredited investor has to meet certain income or net worth requirements to invest in certain investments non-accredited investors don’t have access to. If you make a ton of money, you might be an accredited investor. Specifically, you have to earn $200,000 every year for the past two years, and expect to earn at least as much this year. If you’d rather qualify as an accredited investor as a couple with your spouse, the earned income requirement increases to $300,000. Please visit SEC web site HERE (https://www.sec.gov/education/capitalraising/building-blocks/accredited-investor) for more information. 

It’s $25,000 for most of our projects, but please read the prospectus or memorandum for more details and qualifications.

While Class C equity holders are Limited Partners with limited risk , class A equities possess some voting rights with higher risk level.

A distribution is a cash payment made by an issuer to shareholders; it represents each shareholder’s proportional share of the issuer’s profits. A Schedule K-1 will be provided to each shareholder at the end of each year identifying total distributions earned that year and explaining how distributions were calculated.

An indication of interest (IOI) is a non-binding preliminary signal that an investor is interested in buying a security before an actual offering has commenced. IOIs assist us in planning actual offerings. If you make an IOI and wish to purchase shares in the offering, you will need to reconfirm your interest with an actual purchase order during the initial offering.

Distributions are deposited into your preferred account mostly specified during the subscription.

At the moment you are not able to fund your purchase with funds from your IRA from our website. But please call us and we can try to accommodate if you qualify.

  1. It depends on the project but mostly between 2 to 5 years. Please see project offering memorandum for complete details.

We are in the process of bringing targeted return funds into the market for accredited investors. Please sign up here and we will update you.